Total Quality Management (TQM)

A complete, end-to-end TQM methodology helps you to meet your quality goals.
Software Total Quality Management is the key in making sure that the final product meets all requirements and works as expected. Just as important as the development plan, the software quality plan lists quality goals, resources, and the timeline for making sure that quality standards are met.

At Eastern Light Trading (ELT) we are always ready to help organizations in KSA with Quality Assurance and Testing, to meet your quality goals and assist you in delivering modern and stable software.

IT Office

TQM Services in KSA

Requirements Baseline

Our business analysts can create a very flexible requirements baseline with robust and rich traceability linking among requirements for your enterprise.

Quality Control (QC) Services

Outsource testing services to our thorough Quality Control team: we do Functional Testing, Performance Testing, Integration Testing and Security Testing.

Quality Assurance (QA)

With our team, you can be sure that your processes are efficient and effective as per the quality standards defined for software products.

Outsource Your Testing to Professionals

ELT provides software testing services to companies that need the help of proven manual and automated testing professionals.