Agile Software Development

We follow Agile frameworks like Scrum and lean software development to deliver high-performing solutions that bring real business value to our clients.
At ELT we believe that the importance of time, quality, and cost reduction cannot be emphasized enough in today’s technology programs. In different industries influenced by technology, regulations, as well as customer expectations, Agile plays a very important role in the quick adoption of technology without any compromise on quality. Highly fast-moving IT infrastructure needs active requirements planning and definition, outcome-driven delivery strategies, not to mention uninterrupted and continuous delivery, very adaptable and flexible to change, business- and technology-wise.

Eastern Light Trading (ELT) blends Extreme Programming (XP), Scrum, and Lean practices to foster high-quality, quick-return development. Our constant, sprint-based approach enables our developers team to begin delivering production-ready software in a just few weeks. We adopt our deep Agile development knowledge and experience to meet your software development needs, whatever your industry may be. You will work continuously with your Product Owner/ Project Manager to ensure complete discernibility throughout the project.

Agile Team

Agile Development Services

At Eastern Light Trading (ELT) we provide three different agile offerings

Agile Assessment

A vital component of our Agile Transformation framework, supported and/or facilitated via our Agile software developers and Project/Product Managers.

Agile Transformation

Agile Transformation is essentially about forming teams, building backlogs, and regularly producing increments of working, tested software. At scale, it’s creating networks of almost coupled teams, coordinating dependencies, managing trade-offs, getting things into the market fast, and measuring throughput instead of productivity.

Agile-enabled Delivery

Eastern Light Trading’s delivery of services across the SDLC has an in-built component of Agile that helps us achieve the avowed objective of Quality, Time and Economy.

Agile Team

Our Agile Process

Our development environments are built out using the following key practices:

  • Scrum framework for project management;
  • Test-driven development;
  • Pair programming;
  • High transparency with frequent performance metrics;
  • Continuous integration with prominent build monitors;
  • Collaboration techniques and tools;
  • Team development environment that can be scaled to take in multiple locations;
  • Kanban-style sprint boards that make work and progress visible;
  • Evolutionary architecture and iterative design;

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