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ELT empowers your enterprise to achieve better results at every stage of the project lifecycle. Plan, execute, and monitor projects at scale.
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Enterprise Project Portfolio Management is the best option for enterprises to manage and evaluate multiple projects by organizing them into strategic portfolios. These portfolios can be analyzed for overall effectiveness, how their initial estimates align with actual costs, and whether they match the bigger, strategic objectives of the organization.

In general, it's a data-driven process helping a company to define successful projects and stop doing non-effective ones. Our specialists in ELT can assist you in Enterprise PPM, reviewing portfolios with your executives, defining how much value and ROI each project portfolio delivers, where the budget exceeds the value and making sure that your resources are used effectively. With Enterprise Project Portfolio Management software, your IT managers can closely monitor the progress of project portfolios in real time by comparing current data with the past data.

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Why Do You Need Enterprise Portfolio Management?

Enterprises that need project portfolio management are overwhelmed by:

  • A huge number of simultaneous projects that do not bring value to the organization, mostly due to a lack of focus;
  • Projects that are not aligned with larger, company-related business goals;
  • Projects that are continuously or indefinitely delayed, leading to lost revenue and delayed ROI;
  • Resource conflicts, especially when people are assigned to simultaneous projects, leading to bottlenecks and delays.
    • The primary point of Enterprise PPM is to enhance the bottom line by eliminating project portfolios that are draining your resources and do not contribute to the goals of the enterprise.

Enterprise PPM Benefits

Prioritize projects to achieve your business goals

Centralize demand intake and optimize the project portfolio and resource capacity to deliver your organization’s strategic goals.

Deliver projects that drive transformational change and innovation

Execute a strategic plan while dealing with day-to-day realities: utilize program management and roadmapping to make top-down timeframes and financials clear, and then adjust your portfolios based on bottom-up project forecasts and actual data.

Place the right resources on the prioritized work at the right time

Optimize your resource capacity and enhance utilization. With Planview’s project portfolio management software you can get a combined view to balance demand and capacity throughout resource groups, roles, and individual resources.

Manage project scheduling, work, and resources throughout your entire portfolio

Plan, manage, and deliver all kinds of work – traditional, iterative, agile, and collaborative. With Eastern Light Trading PPM services, you will get a comprehensive approach with all your project schedules, teams collaboration, milestones, backlog, and resources.

Get a clear picture of your budget and real costs across portfolios

Manage your portfolio for capital and expense constraints. ELT offers Planview’s PPM solutions in KSA, to provide all-included views onto project budget, actual expenses, and forecasts.

Analyze portfolio & project performance for better decision making

Define, forecast and investigate portfolio performance to define gaps and other issues. Planview’s PPM tools you will be able to integrate analytics and reporting into the user experience to make right decisions, increase your overall efficiency and ensuring results.

EPPM Solutions in KSA

Eastern Light Trading (ELT) can assist and deliver the following Enterprise PPM solutions

  • Empower your teams and departments managing enterprise projects including various project deliverables, artifacts, scheduling, budgeting, etc.
  • Organize monitoring and tracking of the overall performance, generate status reports, and implementing the best practices.
  • Handle a centralized collaborative environment for running different projects as a collective portfolio.
  • Distribute project resources efficiently across the organization and determine project capacity needs of resources and skills.
  • Create rich reporting and dashboards to measure projects’ health and performance that will ensure improvement of overall planning of portfolios and budget tracking.
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Get a Clear Picture Across Portfolios

ELT empowers your team to achieve better results at every stage of the project lifecycle.
Plan, execute and monitor projects at scale.