Enterprise Application Development
(Low Code/ No Code)

Streamline user experience with super-easy adoption of Low Code/ No Code enterprise application development.

Visual Development Tools

With easy-to-use drag-and-drop and point-and-click development tools one can create and correct enterprise apps easy and fast.

Fit-For-Purpose UIs

All the apps we create for you with Low Code/No Code software platforms, are simple and intuitive to use, providing a streamlined user experience with super-easy adoption.

Build & Deploy Everywhere

Preparing the design once and then it simply works on any device, natively, with no extra development time. Likewise, you change it? The changes will be applicable everywhere.

Instant Mobility

Eastern Light Trading (ELT) will design apps for your organization that are instantly mobile, with no extra time, effort, or resources required.

Business success today is no longer determined by a company’s size—it’s determined by a company’s speed. And the truth is that too much code will always slow you down, even after you’ve finished building and deploying your app, Code breaks and requires ongoing maintenance. Sometimes, the person who wrote the code (the only one who understands it) isn’t around anymore when it breaks, writing too much code is a liability in an agile enterprise.

In a rapid world, you can’t afford to wait on slow application ramp-up times. Stay ahead of the curve and enhance productivity by giving both business and IT what they need when and where they need it. With the Enterprise Application Development (Low Code/ No Code) Platforms, one role-based authoring environment offers No-Code or Low-Code authoring, advanced developer tools, system administration, and AI modeling.

Powerful Low-Code Development

We design your apps to address any challenge

Empower Your IT

We are ready to automate even the most critical and complex processes with business process management capabilities that start with drag-and-drop process modeling.

Grow it Easily

With low code development we can easily add task forms and dashboards and include them in easy-to-build, easy-to-use user interfaces.

Adapt to Complexity

We can track, analyze, and adapt your apps to market demands, business events, regulatory changes and other needs that will come up in the future.

Get Security & Scalability

More security certifications plus proven scalability across global enterprise environments all adds up to your confidence the second your apps are deployed.


Low-Code Development Benefits

Adapt to change - address the change with the flexibility afforded by low-code development.

Make IT more strategic - remove the traditional barriers between Business and IT to promote continual collaboration and improvements.

Become a disruptor - in the era of digital change, enterprise low-code development empowers you to be disruptive.

Just a Few Lines of Code

Make your business more agile and efficient with low-code, get a great customer experience.