Requirements Baseline

Define, manage, and validate complex systems requirements while eliminating the risks and inefficiencies.

Requirements Baseline is one of the most important references for the testing phase also for the ease of understanding requirements in a really organized and easy to access way, also reduces the efforts of the impacts and changes determination what makes the requirements available all up to date and all in one place.

What is Collaborative Lifecycle Management?

Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) is a set of seamlessly integrated Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools that work together (RDNG, RQM and RTC), connected to each other using different traceability links.

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools

Requirements Baseline Main Contents

Use Cases

Use Cases

Defines a sequence of actions that yields an observable result of value. Use cases provide a textual structure to express functional requirements within the context of business processes.



Storyboards is a prototyping technique showing sequence or navigation through a series of images or illustrations (sketches).

Process Diagrams

Process Diagrams

Process Diagrams is a graphical representation of a business process flow, which consists of a sequence of activity elements and flow controls elements.

Collaborative Lifecycle Management Tools

CLM is made up of the following main applications. They all share a Java-based technology platform called Jazz. Jazz simplifies the seamless sharing of data and control of common tasks like user management.

CLM Tools

Rational Team Concert (RTC)

Team collaboration tool that is built on a scalable, extensible platform.

Rational Doors Next Generation (RDNG)

Equips teams with requirements definition and management capabilities.

Rational Quality Manager (RQM)

Offers comprehensive test planning, test construction, and test artifact management features.

Your Dedicated TQM Department

Deliver your projects on time and within budget, as in your requirements.