ELT provides enterprise DevOps solutions to enterprises for improving the software delivery cycle.
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What Can We Do

Application Development Lifecycle Automation; Application Release Automation; Environment Setups and Ongoing Management; Development of Environments; Staging Environments; Setting Up QA Environments; Production Environments; Upgrades, Patches all Environments.
Our DevOps services in KSA will help you to transform your IT value creation chain by leveraging the entire universe of the DevOps methodology. By bringing our expertise in Agile and Scrum, Eastern Light Trading (ELT) can help you to organize your IT team’s resources effectively, achieve fast market feedback, and significantly cut IT costs.

By working with Eastern Light Trading (ELT) in Saudi Arabia, your business will be able to take on the DevOps philosophy of sharing, collaboration, measurement, and automation via a structured change initiative that helps you to stay in control, save money, and overcome the complexity of reconciling agile culture with the need for reliability.

Eastern Light Trading (ELT) will ensure that your DevOps strategy and vision will allow you to sustain a continuous flow with the processes and tools best suited to your organization’s operations.

Know What We Do

Our DevOps Services

Eastern Light Trading (ELT) helps companies in KSA to adopt and manage DevOps best practices with:

Continuous Integration (CI)

Increase your speed to market and process governance by leveraging next-generation Continuous Integration toolsets.

Configuration Management (CM)

Automate operational tasks and eliminate compute resource one-offs.

Continuous Deployment (CD)

Deploy new facets of production in less time and deal with issues that crop up as they occur.

Streamline Repeatable Process

Automate and measure processes for efficiencies while improving productivity through alterations.

Continuous Improvement

Decrease errors and potential issues in production services and governance over mission-critical workloads.

DevOps Consultations

Get enterprise cloud architecture expertise and DevOps strategy to bring your innovations to market faster.

Get More from DevOps

Accelerate project feature delivery, monitor apps health and increase transparency of the project logging with DevOps methodology to ensure bug-free and efficient project development.