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High-performing, intuitive, and secure Portal solutions that support business processes and serve users globally.

Eastern Light Trading (ELT) is an enterprise software development firm in KSA that provides a wide range of services, including web app development, mobile app development.

Our team at Eastern Light Trading (ELT) helps companies across various industries: financial services, telecommunications, constructions, government, and healthcare, to meet their business needs providing them with end-to-end technology solutions.

Custom Portal Development offers options for businesses that seek to provide a flexible, consistent experience for users across platforms. We deliver front-end, back-end, and architecture ability together to deliver on your business needs and maximize delivery speed.

With Eastern Light Trading (ELT) you can build mobile apps, web portals, mission-critical systems and more. Crafted by engineers with an obsessive attention to detail, every aspect of our platform is designed to help you build and deliver better apps faster, support your customers, partners, and employees with a single flexible digital experience platform that works to deliver value to your business and end-users.

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Top Choice Portal

HCL Digital Experience Transformation Platform

HCL Digital Experience Transformation Platform (formerly IBM WebSphere Portal) brings custom-branded, enterprise multi-channel portal capabilities that help you deliver a highly-personalized, social portal experience for your customers.

With HCL Digital Experience Transformation Platform you can provide customers a single point of access to the applications, services, information and social connections they need. HCL Digital Experience Transformation Platform enables you to increase visitor response and reduce web operations costs.

HCL Digital Experience Transformation Platform is the best way to manage powerful, integrated, and content-driven multi-channel web experiences, With Eastern Light Trading (ELT), you get all of the following in one platform:

Organize all your stuff and people in one place

Bring partners and customers into collaboration conversations

Easy and accessible, mobile and secure workspace

Empowers, engages and allows for innovation anywhere

Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

Digital experience platforms (DXP) are software solutions designed to engage users by rapidly building websites, applications, and portals. These tools also contain systems for managing content, media, and other collateral. A digital experience platform helps to build and manage customer-facing touchpoints across several channels, providing development tools and prebuilt templates that allow companies to create functional applications with little development experience. These solutions also enable businesses to sync data and add functionality through the use of APIs.

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Make it fast

Unbeatable Speed

Visually develop your full-stack apps incredibly fast and manage with one click.

Make it smooth

Integration With Everything

Connect your apps to any of your existing systems, without a hassle.

Make it attractive

Great UX by Default

Deliver delightful native mobile experiences and responsive web apps with ease.

Make it flexible

Low-Code Without Constraints

Expand apps with your front-end or back-end code - no lock-in systems anymore.

Make it secure

Built-in Security

Assure your apps are safe from design to deployment with the latest security features.

Make it expandable

Massive Scalability

Your apps will achieve great regardless of the number of users, complexity, or data volume.

Make it deployable

Unbreakable Deployment

Bug-free deployment of your apps across cloud and on-premises environments.

Make it right

Metrics That Matter

Real-time performance dashboards with metrics needed, to ensure an impressive user experience.

Top Portal Development Services

Our portal developers can create an affordable and modern portal system to skyrocket your business growth.